🎧 Take a Virtual Tour of Japan with Immersive Binaural Audio! [wear headphones] 馬鹿外人は株式UE4資産の周りを歩きます

🎧 Take a Virtual Tour of Japan with Immersive Binaural Audio! [wear headphones] 馬鹿外人は株式UE4資産の周りを歩きます
Use headphones only with any virtual surround like Windows Sonic turned off. Best HRTF effects at 0:57, 2:29, 5:41, 9:46, 13:31, 17:56, 20:28, 27:00, 28:56, 31:31, 33:19, 34:36, and 39:43.

Konnichiwa, fellow appreciators of Japanese culture. Have you ever wanted to explore the beautiful and exotic sights of glorious Japan but are unable to break the shackles of being a hikikomori? Well, join me as I take you through a virtual tour of the bokuku rendered in loving, photo-realistic detail in Unreal Engine 4. You’ll dine at sushi restaurants, inspect detailed Ukiyo-e paintings, and even get to watch the koi swim in their pond while breathtakingly-realistic 3D headphone audio soothes your senses. Indeed, there is no better way to experience the culture of Japan inside your living room unless you actually live in Japan yourself.

Footage taken from Modular Japanese House Demo by Inu Games (https://inugames.itch.io/modular-japanese-house-demo) with X3DAudio HRTF mod (https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf).

HRTF grade:



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(Image from “Draw Manga by Peter Gray”, copyrighted by Peter Gray. Use of this image falls under fair use laws for non-profit purposes. Please don’t sue me, Peter Gray…)

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